Game of Thrones Career Lessons in a Post-AI World

5 More Fabric Demos

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“You Know Nothing, Jon Snow”

What can we learn about career development in a post-AI world from one of the most memorable Game of Thrones quotes?

You know nothing, Jon Snow

Ygritte, Wildling
  1. We may be unaware of other ways of life, work cultures, careers and the broader realities of the world beyond our own. Knowledge is complex and multifaceted, with true understanding stemming from experiencing life beyond our own limited perspectives, even from Wildlings.

  2. Recognizing how little we know can be a catalyst for personal growth. It encourages Jon to question his beliefs, values, and the strict structure of the Night's Watch. This process of questioning is a vital part of Jon's journey towards becoming a leader who prioritizes empathy, understanding, and unity over division.

  3. Knowledge is power: true power lies in understanding the complexities of human nature, the subtleties of morality, and the realities of the world. Jon Snow's transition from ignorance to knowledge reflects the journey of other characters and serves as a commentary on the pursuit of wisdom.

  4. Jon's lineage, true parentage, and potential destiny are central mysteries that both the audience and eventually Jon come to understand. In this context, "You know nothing, Jon Snow," assumes an ironic tone, as Jon's identity and the significance of his role in the larger narrative are far more substantial than he or Ygritte could have imagined.

That's a ton of wisdom extracted from just five words! Let’s keep learning this week to build technical skills and keep pace with AI innovations. Here’s five more fabric demos:

AI Lab Demo #27 | Claude3 + Fabric

In this video I add the Anthropic Claude3 API key to fabric to take augmenting life and work to the next level. I first learned of Claude3 the day it came out from the Fractional CISO Rob Black.

AI Lab Demo #28 | Claude3 vs GPT-4 Reciting A GRC Nights Watch Oath

In this video I test Anthropic's Claude3 Opus and Haiku to compete against Open AI's GPT-4, using fabric. Instead of asking it to write a python script to output numbers 0 to 100 I have more fun asking it to recite the Night's Watch Oath from Game of Thrones, but making it about Cybersecurity Governance, Risk & Compliance. So whether you're a GRC or GoT fan, I hope you enjoy this demo.

AI Lab Demo #29 | label_and_rate Cybersecurity Newsletters

In this video I try out the label_and_rate fabric pattern/AI prompt which objectively rates content of YouTube videos, blogs, podcasts or text input.

AI Lab Demo #30 | extract_grc_ideas

In this video I demo the extract_ideas fabric pattern/AI prompt, using the latest GRC Engineering Podcast as an input, and customizing the pattern to focus on how to elevate GRC.

AI Lab Demo #31 | provide_guidance for CISO and CFO Burnout

In this video I demo the provide_guidance fabric pattern/AI prompt, to provide therapist or life coach type advice for dealing with the issue of CISO or CFO burnout.

Tyrion’s Last Word

My mind is my weapon. My brother has his sword, King Robert has his warhammer, and I have my mind… and a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge. That's why I read so much, Jon Snow.

Tyrion Lannister

I think Tyrion was a Targaryen. If you agree or disagree please let me know in a YouTube comment.

Thanks for reading and good luck getting after it!