About CPA to Cybersecurity

Break into Cybersecurity Governance, Risk & Compliance from diverse backgrounds, like Accounting.

Already in? Elevate your GRC skills, methods and mindset.

How I Can Help You

If you’re like me in 2019 not knowing what the GRC acronym stands for, or that people with diverse backgrounds can break into this awesome career field, I can share my story to help you find your path. I’ve now been both an applicant and a hiring manager.

Studying for a certification like the CISSP or CISA? Enrolled in the Simply Cyber GRC Masterclass? I’ve got study notes and tips from my journey obtaining those. How about certifications like A/CCRF or A/CCRP? I’m an exam developer on the Akylade Advisory Council.

Working on a business case for a Security investment that needs approval by the bean counters? I’ve been on both sides and can help bridge between their technical world and yours.

If you or your colleagues have experienced sub-optimal GRC in the past, it doesn’t need to be that way. Let’s elevate perceptions and realities by improving GRC skills, methods and mindset.

YouTube Channel

On the channel I:

  • Share/rant about my experiences as a GRC practitioner

  • Interview awesome guests who share theirs

  • Explain certification exam concepts to help prepare you for the big day


Check out my blog posts that accompany videos as a handy study reference, how to guide or a quick read on the subway.




CPA values:

- We act with integrity: We always do the right thing and take accountability for our decisions and work.

- We are thoughtful: We are considerate in the way we make decisions and how we engage with the public, employers, our members, students and colleagues.

- We work together: We are a supportive and inclusive team and empower each other to achieve our personal and professional goals.

- We make an impact: We strive to make a meaningful difference to our stakeholders and the profession, delivering results with excellence.

- We are forward-thinking: We are curious, innovative and data-driven, and ensure our work benefits business and society in the long-term.